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Permanent IPL Hair Removal Handset

(9 customer reviews)


About the SKINAFFAIRS Multi Function IPL Handset:
  • REDUCE ACNE, AGE SPOTS, AND HAIR GROWTH: The SKINAFFAIRS Multi-Function IPL Handset reduces hair growth, age spots, and acne all in one portable, easy to use the device.
  • FDA CLEARED: The SKINAFFAIRS IPL handset has been FDA Cleared.
  • PERMANENT RESULTS: The most efficient Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device for permanent hair, age spots, and acne reduction in as fast as 4 weeks.
  • SAFE: SKINAFFAIRS 5-level technology adapts the light intensity to your skin for the perfect balance between safety and efficiency, giving you lasting results at home safely without the use of sunglasses.
  • FAST & EASY: So easy to use you can treat any body part in minutes for acne, age spots, or hair removal.
  • SAVE MONEY: Never make an IPL appointment again. No replacements or refills are needed. Built to last for up to 10+ years of treatments.
  • CONVENIENT: Anyone can use the SKINAFFAIRS safely from head to toe including upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area.
  • SUITABLE FOR MEN: the ideal tool to tackle hair, acne, and or age spots on your chest, back, arms, stomach, and legs.
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By using cutting-edge intense pulsed light technology, the SKINAFFAIRS IPL handset is able to target unwanted hairs at the root and destroy them with powerful light pulses. This slows down hair growth with each use, until hair-free. Making it an ideal solution for long-term, permanent hair removal, with noticeable results in just 3 weeks, and full results within 12 weeks.

Due to the way the technology itself works, IPL isn’t suitable for the darkest skin tones, or Fitzpatrick skin tone 6. IPL is also not recommended for use on red, grey or very light (blonde) hair. Take a quick look at the chart to find out whether you’re suitable – and remember if you don’t see the results you’d hoped for, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

1 x IPL Handset

1 x Universal Plug

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Guide

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▪ All SKINAFFAIRS IPL hair removal box come with a 1-year factory warranty to be free of defects. If you have a defective item, please contact our helpful support team and we will arrange a replacement.

▪ If you are not satisfied with any SKINAFFAIRS product, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team or send us an email at and we will provide assistance on a case-by-case basis

Most people experience complete and total baby-soft hairlessness after around 12 uses and throw away their razors for good. Others sometimes require touch-ups once in a while beyond that, and that’s fine too!


IPL Haire removal comparision IPL Haire removal comparision

Janie – Week 4

I have thick body hair. Legs and thighs and arms specifically. It’s honestly been something Iv always been insecure about since I was young! I am now 4 weeks into snowy skin, and WOW. I used to not be able to wear shorts for more than a day before needing to shave again, and I have sensitive skin so that’s just not possible for me. Visually thinner hair and I will continue using it!

IPL Haire removal before IPL Haire removal result

Vanessa – Week 6

Money well spent here! I can’t believe what I use to pay for a professional laser and this handset does the same thing! I switched to this handset after 3 sessions of laser. I could have bought 10x Snowyskin with what I already spent! I am session 5 into treatments with the handset, plus the 3 I did at the salon and I am practically hairless on my legs! On my underarms and down there I would say I have a 70% reduction now! Crazy results!

IPL Haire removal comparision IPL Haire removal comparision

Mandy – Week 3

I have religiously been doing the weekly treatment in all of these named areas. I think that as far as my arms, underarms, and legs go it has been very effective. While you must do the treatments on clean skin, I apply a rich lotion to soothe that skin after the treatment.


Matt White, Pearl Pink

9 reviews for Permanent IPL Hair Removal Handset

  1. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    I used my device as per instructions only once a week for 10 weeks and finished my last session in late February. They say to use it once every 2 months to make the hair stay away but it’s already been over a month since I’ve used it last and I have no hair growing back.

  2. Alexis (verified owner)

    A worthwhile investment It works!!! After 5 sessions I am seeing notable results. Hair growth is very, very minimal. Absolutely fantastic. All in the privacy of my own home! Love it

  3. Kimmy W (verified owner)

    If I’m being honest I was a bit worried when I purchased this, but now looking back I’m sooooo happy! Got good results and have saved heaps of money and am only 5 weeks in!! YAY!!!

  4. Samantha W (verified owner)

    I’m a happy customer, the product came quickly with good instructions. Happy Happy.

  5. Sally M (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the skinaffairs. It really does reduce the amount I grow back every week.

  6. William M (verified owner)

    Like most women, I used to endure painful beauty treatments all the time, but now my hair removal is completely pain-free!

  7. Claire G (verified owner)

    My partner got me this after I moaned about shaving!! Works wonders!

  8. Nisha V (verified owner)

    I think you need some patience to use this product as it can take 30 minutes to do both legs. To be frank, I don’t care how long it takes to use because the end result is much better than getting proper lazer sessions in terms of costs

  9. Aroha C (verified owner)

    A friend at my work recommended this to me and I and been using this on my legs and bikini line. Seeing a dramatic difference after 5-6 weeks. Love the at-home convenience aspect of it!

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