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Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Fat Burner


About the Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Fat Burner:
  • Effective ultrasonic facial and body beautifying massager.
  • Effective ultrasonic facial and body beautifying massager.
  • Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens.
  • Quickly and effectively reduce and give relief from severe chronic back pains, other sort of body aches.
  • Regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming.
  • Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry, easy to use.


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The SKINAFFAIRS differences

Why you must choose Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Fat Burner

  • Sculpts & tightens skin

  • Smooths cellulite & fine lines

  • Reduces circumferential fat

  • Safe to use on body & face

  • Quick & long-lasting results

  • Stylish design & easy to use

The ultrasonic waves break down fat cells into free fatty acids which are then naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system

Innovative light-based therapy used for chronic pain relief, skin rejuvenation, to treat inflammation, stimulate healing and regenerate cell tissues.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a physical therapy that stimulates and tones muscles, enhances muscle rehabilitation, reduces stress and discomfort and improves blood flow and circulation.

The SKINAFFAIRS differences

What is UltraCavitat™?

The UltraCavitat™ is the first device approved for home use to combine 3 clinically-proven technologies (Ultrasonic Cavitation, Infrared Light & EMS) to safely and effectively get rid of cellulite and stubborn fat, improve the appearance of sagging skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and body.

How it Works.

The synergistic combination of massage and advanced technology helps to increase microcirculation and improve lymphatic drainage (the release of toxins from the body), creating an unrivalled fat busting method.

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